Tues, Jan 15 – Time Management for Busy People: 3 Steps to Boost Your Productivity



Do you often feel overwhelmed and buried by everything you have to get done?  Does your to-do list feel like it is a scroll that could easily go from the east coast to the west coast?  Or, when you read that do you ask, “What’s a to-do list?”  Do you dream of having a more organized life and feeling productive?

Join Helen Kosinski, Professional Certified Coach and Owner of Better Than Ever Coaching, to learn 3 simple steps that will boost your productivity and lower your stress.  She will be sharing:

  • one of her favorite tools (you don’t even have to buy anything!)
  • a new approach to your dreaded to-do list that’s EASY to implement
  • simple ways to get a handle on your most important tasks

Additionally, Helen will coach a person from the audience!  This will give everyone the opportunity to experience the power of coaching and see how it can help you get more done.

If you’re too busy to join Helen for this fun, educational and interactive evening event – then this is absolutely the event for YOU!!  You’ll be glad you made time for this!

Date:  Tuesday, January 15, 2019, 5:30 – 7:30 PM

Location:  CapeSpace, 100 Independence Drive, Hyannis

Admission: FREE

Register Here

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