Tips to Help You Remember People’s Names


Remembering a person’s name is very important in building relationships in business and social interactions. It is embarrassing when you forget one’s name especially when you have met or been introduced to each other before. If you face such a challenge, you need to learn the following sure tips to help you remember people’s names:

Learn to repeat the name of the person you just met

Repeating a person’s name, helps you to focus and pay attention to the name. Once you are introduced to a new person, you should develop the habit to repeat their names immediately and shake their hands. Also, repeat their name during a conversation and when commenting or appreciating them.

You should know the benefits of using another person’s name

People feel valued, unforgettable, affirmed, and important to your life when you can recall their names. Moreover, you should bear in mind that remembering another person’s name helps to create a good impression, cultivate a likability, and build rapport.

You should ask someone to repeat their name if you did not hear it correctly the first time

If you did not comprehend a person’s name correctly, you should acknowledge your awareness that they have stated their name before, apologize, and ask them to repeat it for clarity. It will help you focus on the person and listen well if you were initially nervous or distracted by noise and movements.

Link the new name with a person you already know

You should associate the new name with either another person, such as a friend or celebrity, that you already know. You can visualize that person with a similar name when you need to remember the new person’s name. If you have a mutual friend, you can link their name to that of the friend.

You can associate the name with objects or animals

Some people’s names can be linked with another familiar object to facilitates ease when remembering them. Such a connection can be a trigger for your memory. For instance, some names are similar to animals or objects. Other people’s names can be associated with visual things, such as places and landmarks.

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