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We are experiencing a revolution in the way people work. This is the age of the independent mobile worker. If you are self-employed, telecommute, or work primarily on your own or on the road, you are one of these workers.

There are over 30 million of you in the United States alone. In addition, there are more entrepreneurs today than ever before in the history of business.

Why is this happening? Monumental changes in technology, the economy, and the quality of life/work perceptions of upcoming generations have all played a part.

But as these dramatic changes have taken place in the workforce, very little has changed in the physical workplace – until recently. Now it’s time for workspace to catch up.

What Does Today’s Workforce Want in Workspace?

Many things, most critical of which are flexibility, economy, convenience, and social interaction.

Shared workspace operations are popping up all over the world to fill this need. They offer everything today’s worker needs in space and amenities with flexible membership options. They replace that sense of belonging that workers lost when they left the traditional organization and became primarily solitary.

Who Uses Shared Workspace?

To name a few:

  • Small businesses and startup businesses who don’t want the expense and administrative burden of leasing, outfitting, and managing a conventional office.
  • Home-based business owners and telecommuters who like the convenience of working from home but miss a sense of community and the opportunity for networking.
  • Larger companies who would like a flexible way to manage overflow and easily scale up and down.
  • Mobile workers who are on the road constantly but between appointments need places to touch down, and prefer a comfortable, functional working environment with business services available.
  • Business and vacation travelers who need occasional temporary workspace or meeting space while traveling.
  • Members of companies that maintain traditional office space but know the statistics about the increased productivity that comes from holding meetings offsite.
  • Workers in creative industries who value space conducive to collaboration.
  • Off-Cape companies who would like a Cape presence without the commitment of traditional office space.
  • Anyone who wants the flexibility of a variety of workspace styles in one location. We need to work different ways on different days. Some days we need quiet and ability to focus; other days we need to huddle with a team; still other days we want to network and collaborate. Shared workspace has it all.
  • Anyone who likes the idea of saving money and limiting wasted resources.
  • Anyone who wants to increase his/her network of colleagues and resources.
Shared workspace makes all the sense in the world – that is, in today’s world of constant change in the planet, the economy, and the workforce.

CapeSpace is proud and excited to offer the first true, full-service co-working facility on Cape Cod.

Stop in for a free tour and a cup of coffee. Unless you are totally happy with the expensive conventional office, the lonely home office, or the noisy irritating coffee shop, you will like what you see!

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