Why CapeSpace?

Why CapeSpace?2017-05-12T13:58:51+00:00

It Costs Less.

Monthly costs and startup costs are significantly lower than the cost of leasing, outfitting, staffing, and maintaining conventional commercial office space.

It’s Convenient.

Aside from being in convenient Hyannis, CapeSpace offers all the things you want in your workspace, including copy/print equipment, meeting facilities, gourmet coffee, snacks, and the Cape’s most reliable high-speed internet through OpenCape.

It’s Easy.

You don’t have to do anything. You bring your laptop and phone and you are ready to go to work. Everything else is here for you, and you are completely free of the hassle of furnishing, staffing, and operating an office. Spend your time and money on your business, not your office.

It’s Flexible.

Long-term or short-term. Part-time or full-time. CapeSpace has membership packages to fit any work style and any budget.

It’s Green.

We are at the dawn of the Sharing Economy. Office sharing saves resources while being economical for its users.

It’s Social.

Today more workers than ever are independent and mobile, which improves life in many ways but also can create a sense of isolation. At CapeSpace you can work alongside other business owners, participate in fun and informative events, and be connected to a wide network of people and resources.

It’s Fun!

Experience the increase in motivation, creativity, and productivity that comes from working in an energizing environment alongside other entrepreneurs.

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