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What is CapeSpace?

CapeSpace is the first full-service shared workspace facility on Cape Cod. It features private and business lounge seating options, all fully furnished, equipped, serviced, and available on flexible terms.

What is Shared Workspace?

Shared workspace has been around for many years but has grown in popularity since the financial crisis. It offers a more affordable and flexible alternative to conventional office space. Shared workspace facilities offer a variety of furnished workspace types (private offices, lounge seating, etc.), along with other standard office features such as printing and copying equipment, conference rooms, reception service, and coffee.

Why is CapeSpace a Better Way to Work?

  • It’s more affordable than conventional office space when all costs are considered (rent, utilities, internet and telephone service, furniture, equipment, employees, etc.).
  • It’s convenient. Everything you need to run your business is there. You just bring your laptop and phone and go to work.
  • It requires no long-term commitment. Memberships are available on a short-term or long-term basis.
  • It requires no full-time commitment. Memberships are available on a part-time or full-time basis.
  • It requires no upfront capital. You don’t have to renovate space or purchase furniture or equipment.
  • It requires no administrative effort. Focus on managing your business instead of managing the office.
  • We have OpenCape, the Cape’s fastest and most reliable wifi service.
  • Most of all, it’s energizing. It offers a solution to the problem of isolation that many independent and mobile workers feel when working at home or in solitary conventional offices. And it offers a functional alternative to the annoyances and inconveniences of working in coffee shops or other “third places.”

What are CapeSpace Private Offices?

CapeSpace offers private offices for one to five people with the following features included:

  • Available for rent on a monthly basis for as little as six months or as long as you like
  • 24/7 access
  • Fully furnished, secure locking office
  • All utilities, including OpenCape wifi
  • Receptionist “meet and greet” service
  • General cleaning service
  • Use of Common Amenities (see below)
  • Mailbox and package receiving service
  • Listing on building marquee
  • Available land line and virtual land line telephone and live answering service

What is the CapeSpace Business Lounge?

The Business Lounge is the heart of CapeSpace, featuring a variety of seating & desking options in an energizing open floorplan, with access to all CapeSpace Common Amenities. Business Lounge memberships are the most affordable CapeSpace options, and can be purchased in several flexible package options.

What are the CapeSpace Common Amenities?

CapeSpace Common Amenities include:

  • Business Lounge
  • Interview Room (monthly members)
  • Phone Booth (monthly members)
  • All Photocopy/Print/Fax/Scan Equipment (per page above amount included in package)
  • Café with unlimited beverage bar
  • Concierge-level support from CapeSpace Client Service Representatives
  • Invitation to all CapeSpace social and professional events

What is CapeSpace Meeting Space?

CapeSpace has four meeting venues available for rent on an hourly basis:

  • The Training Room seats 40 people and is fully equipped with a projector, screen, and whiteboards.
  • The Media Room seats 6 people and includes a large screen monitor for presentations and video conferencing equipment and whiteboards.
  • The Board Room seats 10 people and includes teleconferencing equipment and whiteboards.
  • The Interview Room seats 3 people in a comfortable armchair setting (free of charge to monthly members).

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