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Here on Cape Cod we have so many wonderful charity organizations who are working to serve the community. At CapeSpace, we are making it easy for members and guests alike to help out these organizations in super easy ways.

Do you have items in your home that are hardly every used, maybe never used, but you don’t want to throw them away and don’t have time to find a charity to donate them to and make the trip? Well, we will do that for you! Just toss them in here.
We’ll take care of transporting them to the donees.

Our wish list of the month will go to the Yarmouth Food Pantry that provides food to Cape Codders in need. The Yarmouth Food Pantry serves between 700 and 800 Cape residents every month – please consider bringing one (or more) of the following items to help your neighbors in need!

Here is a list of suggested items:

Vegetables: Low Sodium Canned Vegetables * Low Sodium Hearty Soups * Pasta Sauce * Low Sodium Canned Tomato Products

Protein: Canned Beans * Canned Tuna * Canned Chicken * Peanut Butter

Fruits: Healthy All-Fruit Jams and Jellies * No Sugar Added Canned Fruit * No Sugar Added Applesauce * Dried Fruits / Raisins * Canned / Boxed 100% Fruit Juice

Dairy: Shelf-Stable Milk

Grains: Brown Rice * Pasta * Low Fat Graham Crackers * Reduced Fat Whole Grain Crackers * Whole Grain Crunchy Granola Bars * Whole Wheat / Bran Cereals * Plain Oatmeal / Hot Cereals * Flour / Bread Mix * Saltines

Miscellaneous: Cake and Brownie Mix * Applesauce * Coffee/Tea * Breakfast Cereal * Macaroni and Cheese * Saltine Crackers * Paper Products * Vegetable Oil * Chicken Broth

Condiments: Salad Dressing * Ketchup * Mustard * Mayonnaise * Pancake Syrup


CapeSpace is proud to partner with Cape & Islands United way on this Wish List.




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