CapeSpace COVID19 Policy

CapeSpace Sign that reads "Covid19 Policy"

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, CapeSpace is currently operating on a limited basis. We are open for members only and with limited staff and services. For information about our current services, please contact us at

We will fully reopen for business on July 6, 2020. Based on guidelines and recommendations from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the CDC, this statement describes the measures that we are putting in place to address COVID19 safety concerns. These measures will remain in effect until we have further direction from Governor Baker.

1. Business Lounge

Layouts – All of our workstations and community seating have been redesigned and reorganized so that every seat is either six feet from its nearest neighbor or, where six-foot distancing is not possible, privacy partitions have been installed. It is important that members do not move furniture as it has been carefully placed for this purpose.

Reserving Workstations – These layout changes necessitate a reduction in the number of workstations we have available and therefore the number of users we can accommodate at any given time. Our workstations will be added to our reservation calendar, and we ask that members reserve a workstation in advance of arrival. This will ensure that a desk will be available, and will also give members the ability to see how full the space is at any given time.

Traffic Flow – Wherever possible, we will be installing directional signage and floor decals to indicate the direction you should follow as you walk through the common areas. We have also included additional amenities such as more wastebaskets and pen/supply caddies. These measures are intended to minimize walking around and occasions of bumping into individuals coming in the opposite direction.

Day Passes – Day passes will be available only for membership trials. They will be by appointment, free, and good for one day. Thereafter membership will be required for use of the business lounge.

Membership Plans – Due to our required decrease in capacity, we will be making some changes to our existing membership plan offerings. The highlights of these changes are as follows:

Business Lounge Plans

  • The Starter Plan is discontinued.
  • The Standard Plan will now be called the Part Time Plan and will include 60 hours per month (up from 40).
  • The Business Lounge Unlimited Plan (now called the Full Time Plan) will now be offered in a Premium option with private room and passport hours; and a Standard option without the extras at a lower price.
  • We are offering a new Dedicated Workstation option, which works like the Unlimited Plan except that the desk is dedicated for your exclusive use and comes with locking storage. It comes in Standard and Premium options.

Virtual Office (Mail Service) Plans

  • The Basic Mail Service and Virtual Plus options are discontinued.
  • The Basic Virtual (now called the Virtual Standard) remains the same.
  • The Virtual Premium plan no longer includes a virtual phone and its price is reduced.

The new plans affect only new members. If you are an existing member you may keep your current plan at your current rate at least until the end of 2020, at which time we will revisit our offerings and be in touch with you if we need to make changes to your plan. The only exception to this is that Standard Business Lounge members will automatically receive an extra 20 hours per month starting July 1.

All new prices are available on our website or by contacting us at

2. Conference Rooms

We will be limiting our conference room capacity by 50%, so for example, a conference room designed to hold 10 people will now be available for a maximum of 5 people. Conference rooms will be equipped with plexiglass sneeze guards to create a transparent barrier between meeting participants.

Conference rooms rentals will be available to members only.

3. Mail Pickup

In order to minimize the number of people in our spaces, we will not be able to accommodate Hold for Pickup as an option for mail customers. All mail customers will be migrated to our cloud platform and will have forward, scan or shred as options. Pickup must be by appointment and will be available only for large packages or time-sensitive deliveries.

4. Professional Office Cleaning

All of our common surfaces will be cleaned each morning by a professional cleaning service using products that are EPA approved for killing COVID19. This includes common area work surfaces, café counters and equipment, restrooms, copy/print areas, door handles and conference room tables.

Private office clients – please leave your wastebaskets outside your door for emptying. We will not enter private offices except for maintenance or emergency reasons, or unless you request interior cleaning.

Conference room tables will be cleaned between reservations throughout the day.

5. Sanitation Stations

We will have sanitation stations throughout our spaces that will include hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes for member use. Disinfectant wipes will be positioned near all frequently touched surfaces such as the coffee machine panel and the printer. We ask that members follow a gym-like policy of wiping down the equipment before and after each use.

6. Face Masks

In accordance with Governor Baker’s order issued on November 2, 2020, effective 12:01AM on Friday November 6 facemasks will be required at all times in the CapeSpace common areas and conference rooms. The only exception to the facemask rule is if you are in a private office alone with the door closed.

We have face masks available in our reception areas for those who need them.

7. Member and Guest Access

For the foreseeable future, our staff will continue to work remotely part of the time, which means that the front desk will not be always be staffed. Our doors will stay locked at all times to prevent unauthorized visitors from entering.

Governor Baker’s November 2 order is requiring businesses to close at 9:30PM and requesting all individuals to observe a stay-at-home order between the hours of 10:00PM and 5:00AM. Effective 12:01AM on Friday, November 6, CapeSpace will not be accessible between the hours of 9:30PM and 5:00AM. We will not be restricting your Kisi access but we ask that you observe this policy until further notice.

Members expecting guests will need to register those guests in advance by emailing us at with the names and contact information (email and/or phone number) of each guest as well as the date and time you are expecting them.

Members also must provide guests with a phone or text number, which the guest will use to gain entry. Members must meet their guests at the entrance and escort them to a private office or reserved conference room. Guests must wear face masks when travelling through the common areas. Guests may not sit and work in the common areas and must leave at the end of their appointment.

For any visitors arriving without member contact information, there will be a staff text number on the door. These visitors can send a text message to this number and one of our staff will help them.

These measures are designed to allow us to maintain a visitor log for the purpose of contact tracing in accordance with the latest Massachusetts guidance.

8. Green Practices

There has always been a conflict between sanitation measures dictated by healthcare concerns and practices that many of us embrace as environmentally preferable. Unfortunately, the pandemic has exacerbated this conflict and forces us to abandon some of the green practices we adopted as part of our Cape & Islands Green certification. We must unfortunately return to certain single-use items and change some of the cleaning and other products we use. We hope that we can return to our green evolution soon, reinstate our Level 1 certification, and move on to Level 2.

In the meantime, we will be removing all reusable cups, glasses, and utensils from the café, and for the time being return to single-use items. We will also be removing all communal condiments from the café. Only single-serve condiments will be available.

9. COVID19 Incidence

We will maintain a strict policy that any employee, member, or guest who is not feeling well in any way must notify a CapeSpace staff member and immediately leave our premises. In such a case, CapeSpace will use our discretion to determine whether special cleaning is necessary and whether we need to notify members.

Any employee, member or guest who has been in CapeSpace and is later diagnosed with COVID19 must notify CapeSpace immediately. In this case, CapeSpace will notify the Board of Health in accordance with CDC guidelines, and unless there is compelling evidence that the following actions are unnecessary, the impacted CapeSpace location will close immediately, notify members, conduct a thorough cleaning, and later advise members when it is safe to return.

10. Communication

At times like these, communication is more important than ever. No one knows how the pandemic will evolve and when changes to our policies may become necessary. We will continue to keep our members informed of our status through direct emails, our newsletter, social media, and interior signage.

We are also maintaining a special COVID19 page on our website. This page is easily accessed by clicking the red COVID button on the home page at This page will always have the most current information about our COVID19 response and policies.

For members who would like to share information with other members, we encourage you to try our Message Board, which can be accessed by logging onto our member portal. It is on the left hand menu under Communications.

Lastly, we will be continuing our Member Socials on Zoom. Register or view our schedule!. You can join us to say hello to other members and also get the latest status updates from our staff.

The best way to reach us at any time is to send an email to All staff will see it and someone will get back to you very quickly.

All of the above is subject to change at our discretion based on unfolding guidance from relevant authorities.

The safety and comfort of our members and employees are our highest priority and we will do anything we can to help you through these challenging times. Your feedback is welcome, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you have comments or questions. Thank you as always for choosing CapeSpace.

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