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Speaker Information

There are two types of events programmed at CapeSpace – events produced by CapeSpace and events produced by speakers who simply rent the venue.

Type 1 – CapeSpace-Produced Events

CapeSpace produces events for these purposes:

  • To attract people into our space and increase awareness of our product.
  • To provide educational and networking benefits to our members and the local business community.
  • To provide members and strategically-selected non-members the opportunity to showcase their businesses.

The criteria for selection of speakers and topics for these events are:

  • The topic is one we believe will be of interest to our target audiences.
  • The speaker has some presentation experience and can deliver a quality presentation.
  • The topic does not conflict with anything our members are trying to promote.

The speaker agrees to:

  • Make the presentation primarily educational with minimum sales pitching.
  • Make the presentation for free.
  • Promote the event through his or her own channels.

CapeSpace will:

  • Manage the registration process
  • Promote the event through our channels as we deem appropriate
  • Handle event-day administration

Speakers interested in Type 1 Events should fill out and submit the information form below. We will review and contact you if we are interested in programming your proposal.

Type 2 – Speaker-Produced Events

These are events where the speaker holding the event either for profit or for his or her own marketing purposes. In these cases, the speaker simply pays a fee to rent the space and handles his or her own promotion, registration, administration, and food and beverage. CapeSpace will usually provide some assistance with promotion where we deem appropriate. Speakers interested in Type 2 Events should contact us at 508-202-1680 or info@capespace.com for pricing and venue availability.

Thank you for your interest in CapeSpace events!

Type 1 Event Request Form

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