Pets in the Age of Quarantine: CapeSpace Edition (Week One)

Pets of CapeSpace logo with animals at the top

Over the past month, our work routines have shifted dramatically, in some ways good and in other ways, well, not so good.

On the good side? Our new loyal coworkers who have been by our side since the start. They have tails, lovable eyes and a mischievous side, sometimes sitting down on our laptops and files, and playfully interrupting our Zoom meetings. Yes, we’re talking about the pets in our lives.

If you have a furry friend that’s been keeping you company and helping you cope through these strange times, send us a photo at and give us some details, from the basics (their names, breed, and how long you’ve had them) to the specific (how they’re helping you cope and any interesting anecdotes).

Max, a golden mix, lying on the couch in the Safferstone's home.Max

Taking a well-deserved nap after a long day’s work (and many, many walks). 

For anyone that is hiring, Mark and Sharon Safferstone’s 70-pound golden mix is attentive, affectionate and has a laid back personality.

Max is Mark’s companion on neighborhood walks. And he’s Sharon’s gardening supervisor. Well, he lounges in the backyard while Sharon tends to the garden.



FreddieFreddie the dog lounging outside at Daniel Button's home

Taking his 15-minute afternoon break. Freddie deserves it. He’s been working hard these days. 

“Working at home and having Freddie around has been great,” Daniel Button tells us. “He interferes with work and wants constant attention now that we are home all the time and I don’t mind at all.”

The one hard part? Freddie is a little too big to be sitting on the chair with his owner.



Bea the cat playing with a toy mouse. Bea

All work and no play makes for a dull day!  

Artist Rachel Avenia knows exactly when it’s time to stop working — her cat, Busy Bea, bring her mouse and her string toy to her faithful owner. That’s when it’s time for a much-needed play break.





PeanutPeanut the cat sitting on Robbin Orbison's laptop.

A multi-talented cat that can not only type 100 words per minute, but take a nap at the same time..

Over the past few weeks, CapeSpace President Robbin Orbison’s cat Peanut is serving as her trusty assistant, keeping her laptop warm and proofreading her emails before Robbin presses send.




Bristol the dog sitting on the couch of John Consoletti's home.Bristol

Bristol likes nothing more than getting a little love after a hard day’s work. 

Like many pets, nine-year-old Bristol is enjoying nothing more than being home with her family.

John Consoletti told us she jumps from lap to lap, sharing the love. “She also keeps us moving as she loves her walks around the neighborhood,” he writes, ending with this: “Stay safe everybody.”

Indeed. Stay safe and enjoy this time with your pets!

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