Pets in the Age of Quarantine: CapeSpace Edition (Week Two)

Pets of CapeSpace logo with animals at the top

We’re back for another week, celebrating our furry friends who have kept us company, served as a welcome distraction, and made our lives a little less stressful during the pandemic. If you missed our first round of submissions, you can view them here. 

We want to see your quarantined pets! Send us your photos at with details, from the basics (their names, breed, and how long you’ve had them) to the specifics (how they’re helping you cope and any interesting anecdotes).

Boo the cat helping to open mailBoo

Many paws make light work!  

Our President Robbin Orbison has had some help with not only one, but two cats. Here Boo helps with the ever-important task of opening mail.

Her other cat, Peanut (click here), is more tech savvy, assisting with sending emails and Zoom meetings.




RockieRockie the cat

“Put down the phone and give me a treat!” 

Dr. Melanie Barron’s cat Rockie has assumed the role of supervisor, letting his owner know when it’s time to work and when it’s time to play.




Sir Gareth

“Let’s watch Tiger King one more time”   

Photographer Saraphina Churchill’s tiny tiger has “kept me from going completely insane because he’s so darn cute. And he’s been inspiration for work.”

While most pet owners take lots of photos of their pets, the founder of Images of Saraphina told us she has taken even more than usual during this time. Visit her Facebook page to take part in her monthly caption contests (this month Sir Gareth is featured)!



More naps. Less work. 

Financial planner Justin Green’s mini-Australian shepherd is tired of all this social distancing. Meanwhile, Justin can’t wait to return to CapeSpace (though Sadie will surely miss him).






What do you call a press release from a cat? A press kit!  

While Erica Waasdorp likes to start her day reading the news, it’s her cat Mientje who gets first dibs.

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