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Our Pets!

We add to this gallery monthly! Check back to see your pet!

Two Cats - Jac & Gus

Jac & Gus

Owner: Jenn Shurkus – Gus and Jac are the best of friends (and very hard to tell apart) and Mister Harley enjoys pretending he is an only kitty again.

Dog - Mitch


Owner: Camille Alberico – Mitch is a Shichon. A mix between a Shih zu & a Bichon, also known as a “teddy bear puppy”. Mitch is our first dog, so we were looking for an easy dog, a dog that loves everyone, that has a special sense for someone that may need a little extra love, that doesn’t bark too much, and never bites.

Cat - Theo


Owner: Julia Furtado-Lavoie – My Theo has been described as the best cat ever! He is a good boy.

Two Cats - Nutmeg & Prija

Nutmeg & Prija

Owner: Heidi Parent – These two girls are from both sides of the track the country cat and the city cat. One from the streets and one super fancy, but they love each other so much!

Cooper - Dog


Owner: Bill Bessette – Cooper is a great little buddy. Whether he’s running, swimming or playing with his frisbee, he goes full speed all day.
Roxy - Dog


Owner: Dale Shadbegian – Hi! My name is Roxy! I am a 6 month old Bernie-doodle. I love running, playing, and napping! People are great! Will you throw a ball for me?

Cat - Kieran McGrail

Kieran McGrail

Owner: Kenneth McGrail – He has an incredible personality and has boundless energy for playing. He is sometimes a little mischievous but always such a sweet boy.

Dog - Zoey


Owner: Richard Menard – She is the sweetest dog I ever owned. Loves to play, run, and of course eat!

Cat - Mister Harley

Mister Harley

Mister Harley is an 11-year-old, very opinionated boy. He was adopted at the MSPCA in Centerville. He loves to wear bow ties, he is toilet trained, and he enjoys a walk in the yard on his harness and leash. He has recently become a big brother to Gus and Jac and given his “only-child” syndrome he has done very well.

Dog - Hawk


Owner: Cathleen Drury – Hawk is a rescue dog that I adopted 6 years ago. He was homeless for 2 years before being adopted, and we think he’s about 14 years old. He is missing his front right leg, and as of October of 2018 he is also blind, but he still lives a great life!


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