Dog - Mitch
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Mitch is a Shichon. A mix between a Shih zu & a Bichon, also known as a “teddy bear puppy”. Mitch is our first dog, so we were looking for an easy dog, a dog that loves everyone, that has a special sense for someone that may need a little extra love, that doesn’t bark too much, and never bites. Not too hyper, but definitely not sedentary. Can’t be a high maintenance dog. A lot to be found in one little dog. And that is who we found. I have taken Mitch to a Special Needs summer program for the last 2 years, and he seems to understand that the kids need his love, and that they ask for it in many different ways. There is one very strong young man with downs syndrome that sees Mitch, and gets so excited, yet holds him so very gently. And Mitch gets so excited to see this young man and all of the other children at the summer program. This particular young man asks me about Mitch every time I see him. So I submit Mitch as a dog that provides more than us humans can.

Jac & Gus