Six Problems Solved by a Virtual Office During the Pandemic

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If working from home has become your new reality during the COVID-19 pandemic, then you might find a virtual office is a great solution to many of your business needs.

A virtual office is a business mailing address with valuable services attached. Unlike a post office box or a shipping store, it offers you a real commercial office location. A virtual office is an immediate image booster, allowing you to show a real commercial business address on your website, business cards and marketing materials, and it gives you a professional setting in which to meet with clients on an on-demand basis. And if you regularly work from home, this is the best way to get the all-important Google My Business verification, which requires a physical business address.

You can learn more about the many advantages of a virtual office by checking out our Ultimate Guide to Business Mailing Addresses.

But there are even more reasons to consider a virtual office during this pandemic:

  1. Avoid the Post Office
    With the current COVID-19 measures in place in Massachusetts, we’re all trying to avoid as many outings as possible. CapeSpace virtual office clients receive their mail at CapeSpace, and we are forwarding the mail to your home or other location of your choosing. No need for you to go out to get your mail.
  2. Avoid Handling Mail
    During the COVID-19 measures, we are automatically forwarding mail to minimize our contact with it. We know that these measures will be lifted within a few weeks or months, after which the risk will be lower but still there for an indefinite time period. You can then take advantage of our digital mail handling and never have to touch your mail. We scan a copy of the envelope or package into a digital app, where you can choose for us to open and scan the item to you. You’ll also have the option to have mail forwarded, picked up or shredded.
  3. Apply for Government Assistance for Small Business
    If you are applying for any of the emergency financial assistance programs currently being offered by the federal government, you may find that banks and government agencies will not accept a post office box as a legitimate business address. And in general, a real commercial street address will give your business credibility with potential lenders and creditors.
  4. Avoid the Bank
    Virtual office clients at CapeSpace can take advantage of our Deposit Service. You provide us with deposit slips and your bank’s mail deposit address, and we’ll automatically deposit your checks and email you copies of the documentation. Avoid trips to the bank and get your money into your bank account faster.
  5. Tap Into a Community of Independent & Remote Professionals
    As a virtual office member of CapeSpace, you have a connection to our community and all the benefits of membership. Find an audience for your services, make potential strategic relationships, and take advantage of many other member perks. With virtual capabilities, CapeSpace – even during lockdown – is an antidote for isolation. To learn more read our How CapeSpace Can Help During the Pandemic Shut Down blog!
  6. Get Three Months Free!
    During the Massachusetts stay-at-home order, we are offering a six-month membership at half-price. So, sign up for three months of any of our virtual office plans, and you’ll get another three months FREE. Learn more here: Virtual Office Membership Pricing Plans

For more information, check out our website,, or contact us at or 508-202-1680.

Stay safe, and we hope we can be of service to you!

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