Deposition Rooms

If you’re an attorney or a court reporting agency seeking the best conference rooms for depositions, look no further than CapeSpace.

It’s important to have the best possible deposition space for your clients, defendants and other involved parties to make their statements. We offer comfortable private deposition rooms, as well as video deposition rooms.

Features of CapeSpace Deposition Rooms
  • Multiple different sized rooms that can be set up in different formats, including setup to accommodate videography – See Daily/Hourly Rental Rates
  • Pens, legal pads and other office supplies provided
  • Comfortable, height and arm adjustable chairs for the court reporter
  • Easy access to printing documents (per page rates)
       Available features for an additional fee:
  • Web Conference Hookup Assistance – $20
  • Conference Call Hookup Assistance (Using CapeSpace Conference Call Service) – $20
  • Laptop Rental – $20/Day
  • Notarized Documents – $5/Signature
  • Swearing In Services – $10/Witness plus $40/Hour for Notary Presence
Deposition Rooms for Rent - Hyannis, MA

Why Book a Private Deposition Room?

1. Interruption and Distraction Free

In the past, you’ve likely recorded out-of-courtroom depositions at the courthouse or at your office. The courthouse is often not the most comfortable place to take statements. Also, your office is far from being neutral ground. In both cases, these venues can be distracting.
Many people don’t like going to the courthouse, and it may be daunting to some to go to your law office. Plus, at your office, it’s likely you’ll be having to field calls and deal with other appointments that come up. You don’t want your own business getting in the way of something as important as testimony. It’s important that the deposition goes smoothly and that everything is recorded clearly without background noise or interruption.

Interruption-free Deposition Rooms for Rent - Hyannis, MA
Video Deposition Services - Hyannis, MA

2. Video Deposition Services

Today’s web-based video conferencing tools have made long-distance video depositions a snap, if you have the right equipment and a little tech support. If you book a Deposition Room at CapeSpace we can provide you with a laptop and set up your web conference for you. We can work directly with the parties on the other end of your conference to test the connection in advance and get you up and running on the day of your deposition. See our Meeting Room Pricing page for rates.

3. A Comfortable Experience

Another advantage of a private deposition room is that it allows you to welcome your clients as guests. It takes some of the edge off of having to testify for a trial and makes it a much more comfortable experience. Our deposition rooms offer a bright and relaxing private space. For those that may be unable to attend these deposition meetings, these deposition rooms have audio and video teleconferencing equipment. This allows you an easy way to record depositions without the hassle of having to rent equipment or use less than state-of-the-art facilities.

Conference Room Available in Shared Workspace - Hyannis, MA
Rented Deposition Space with In-House Office Services - Hyannis, MA

4. Office Services in House

One more advantage of renting deposition space will also afford you on-site business services, such as copying, faxing, notary, and mail services. This takes some of the workload off of you and your paralegal staff. All in all, renting a deposition space saves you time and energy. Most importantly, it gives those who need to provide their testimonies a much more inviting and relaxing environment.

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