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Single best place to get some work done. Fantastic environment. All staff are friendly and helpful.”
Great spot for office connectivity if you are vacationing on the Cape and need to get some work done for a few hours. Very friendly and accommodating staff. I’ll be back!”
“Cape Space provides an upscale professional work environment for a reasonable fee. With a very supportive staff, Cape Space will work with you to provide for your specific needs. Well Done!”
Love CapeSpace! Have been to several great events there as well as a great place to work. So warm, welcoming and professional. Robbin has done a wonderful job putting this much needed space together.”
Ready-to-go, fully-furnished Office space, Corporate Offices and Executive Suites, and walk-in, plug-in Business Centers for all budgets.”
CapeSpace works! I initially rented a private office as my home office was being renovated. It was a great, professional setup. Now that I am back based at home, being a member allows me to drop in as needed and use their fast internet, printing and scanning. Very professional, convenient and they have a great staff – ready to help you!”
“This is an amazing place! I am so thrilled to have this facility here on Cape Cod. I am a website designer, and usually work from home. This space is beautiful, conducive to quiet work and collaboration, and features high-tech amenities. Also has best Internet on Cape Cod via OpenCape. When I leave for the day it feels I got things done! Robin and her team have done an amazing job!
“I love working at CapeSpace. I have a home office for my Computer Repair and Website Development business. The best thing about CapeSpace is being able to drop in at any time and use the super fast internet, and to hold meetings with website clients. So much more professional than meeting in my home office. Thanks Robbin for what you are doing for our local business community.”
“This is an amazing space! And much needed on Cape Cod! Robbin has done a great service bringing this space and type of business to the Cape. Having grown up on Cape Cod, I have been and currently work with many Business Owners and Professionals who really appreciate this space and take advantage of the flexibility and options it provides! Kudos Robbin for your vision! We all thank you!”

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