See what our members, meeting room clients, and event guests are saying about CapeSpace:

Written Testimonials:

7/18 – What a treasure on our little sandbar! Robin and staff are most welcoming, and provide a true oasis for conducting business in all its forms. Individual, small and large group meeting spaces in a serene, upscale and efficient atmosphere. Thank you for supporting so many local businesses, nonprofits and visitors alike! – Guy M

7/18 – Just wanted to say that I finally had a chance to visit CapeSpace – and I was very impressed with the facility, the amenities, the vibe – it was all so professional and relaxed at the same time. Great job, Robbin Orbison! You all should check it out! – Kim A

7/18 – Excellent facility!  – Midnight Mail & Print

7/18 – Loving my second full week in Hyannis, MA this week! Great coffee, lots of leg room to stretch out, think, walk and some good people to connect with in coworking! – Justin B

6/18 – Robbin and team do an Awesome job, CapeSpace is excellent place to work. I have a private office here and love it. The 24/7 access is also great, especially since most of my team is on the west coast and I need to stay after hours. The ability to focus and be productive is paramount to my work and that’s what CapeSpace gives me. – Gabe M

6/18 – It’s a quality, professional space that allows me to be productive. It’s hard to be consistent from home or Panera Bread! -Scott Y

6/18 -Great workspace. Lots of amenities. – Farrah D

5/18 – Moving into Cape Space was the single best decision I made in 2017. From the first full day I came into the new office (after spending the previous moving and setting up), it immediately felt like my workspace again. I was working from home for about 6-7 weeks and was struggling with the separation on home life and work life. Being at Cape Space snapped be right back into ‘work mode’ and let me keep it separate from my home life. I cannot overstate how big of a difference this made. Another added benefit has been the relationships built with other Cape Space members. – Michael P

5/18 – A fantastic space, great contribution to the Cape business and entrepreneur community. – Jake L

5/18 – Cape Space is an incredible space! I have gone to two meetings in the past few weeks, which were held in a large training/conference room. The space included state of the art technology, comfortable chairs and tables and excellent lighting. I wish I had the need for an office space as I would be very happy to work in this space, with common work areas, a kitchen set up, and beautiful interior decor. A really special place on the cape for those who work and hold meetings. – Maria C

4/18 – The mood and décor at Capespace are very soothing.  People feel relaxed from the minute they walk in the door.  I love coming to work in such beautiful surroundings which, in my opinion, capture the spirit and essence of  Cape Cod.  Having my office at Capespace also keeps the overhead low because I only have to pay for what I use.  If I had to rent an office, furnish it and staff it, I would need to charge a lot more for my services.  This way I am able to pass the savings on to my clients. – Barbara L

3/18 – CapeSpace filled a huge void within the Cape business community. I only stop in occasionally, but whenever I do, I’m so happy it’s there. – David M

2/18 – I really like how CapeSpace is laid out and opened. I feel a lot more productive being in an environment that is suited to people who are working and creating. – Jeff L

2/18 – From the moment you walk into Cape Space, it is astonishing and welcoming. From the amazing staff, different size meeting spaces and the general open areas, It is a place I would love to have every meeting at. The best meeting space on Cape Cod. – Angie G

2/18 – We joined CapeSpace about 1 year ago.  We benefit in so many ways.  Of course, we meet new connections, and reconnect with former colleagues. It is a wonderful, central meeting place to bring our home-office team members together to collaborate, and to remind us that we are part of a team, and not just individuals working from home. Cape Cod is home to a vibrant professional community, and there are many year-rounders, like us, keeping our small, seasonal island alive and prosperous.  CapeSpace makes this possible.  We love the space, and the service.  Robbin & Anna, make this space all that it is – and I mean that very sincerely. – Camille A

2/18 – Cape Space has turned out to be a great resource.  It is clear Robbin is interested in seeing my business succeed and willing to help anyway she can.  She’s been a great resource linking me with vendors and networks I otherwise wouldn’t know about. – Lisa B

2/18 – This is a great idea for meeting small and big. Love the place! – Marineti M

2/18 –  Working from home – CapeSpace saved the day when I lost internet for a week. Came for the week – then signed up for an office! The space and amenities are terrific – everything you need. Comfortable setting and very affordable. They offer great learning programs and fun events. What makes CapeSpace so unique is the people. Great clients that share their expertise and Robin and her team create an great environment and are always there to help. – Andrea C

2/18 – Our company, Commercial Realty Advisors, had the opportunity go take a tour of the facilities at Cape Space yesterday, and I cannot say more about the impression it made on me. The space is bright, attractive, FULLY equipped and a great spot for anyone who needs a temporary office, meeting room, or virtual office. Robbin Orbison and her staff were welcoming, attentive, and exceptionally knowledgeable regarding what a business person needs in a temporary, or virtual office. I couldn’t recommend them higher. – Daniel B

2/18 – Great place for meetings and on the go office space. – Enoch L

2/18 – I like CapeSpace, great location, well thought out space with really nice amenities and quality furnishings – Jeffrey E

1/18 – Beautiful work space with fabulous customer service. Robbin is great to work with! – Erin C

1/18 – Cape Space has been a tremendous opportunity for us. It has afforded us the opportunity to more efficiently focus on our organizational needs by providing us the space and tools we require, at a cost that is more amenable to what we are currently able to manage. – Josh R

1/18 – From the friendly, helpful staff to the care for each member’s individual needs, the beautiful/ diverse/ accommodating/ comfortable space…Cape Space is the #1 work space I’ve used from here to Texas! – Jenna R

10/17 – To wrap up this very busy week, I wanted to be sure to let my colleagues and friends know that CapeSpace is outstanding. Besides providing excellent office space, CapeSpace also provides outstanding administrative support services at a very reasonable price. Anna Derbeneva-Costa helped me with a project last week and she did an outstanding job. Kudos to Anna and to CapeSpace for all that. – Pam S

9/17 – Great temporary workspace. Staff is very gracious and helpful. – C Brandolino

10/17 – Around 4 months and it has been great! I am able to have a place to focus. The lights, temperature, noise level, and organization of the space allows me to get more work done than before.  – Meredith F

8/17 – I operate a co-working facility on the South Shore and today I came in to Cape Space to work while on vacation. It is a tremendous facility and I was far more productive than I would have been “working” from the beach house. I highly recommend that you give it a try. – Rick S

9/17 – Has a lot to offer. – Laurie K

10/24/17 – Such a beautiful space for meetings…everything you could possibly need is there. Robbin is great to work with, very flexible and accommodating. – Susan F

10/24/17 – Beautiful space with great amenities – friendly staff! – Diane P

10/23/17 – I did another excellent workshop at Cape Space this evening: Facebook & Google Analytics given by Allison Oberton and Dale Shadbegian. Robbin Orbison, the innovator of CapeSpace truly helps to solve the issues of small businesses. Signup for their newsletter so you know all the different events, even delightful musical artists who play on Friday evenings that is relaxing. Thank you Robbin for doing a great job!!! – Dorothy T

10/18/17 – Incredible space! Great for a meeting, or just a quiet place to park between appointments. The staff is very user friendly. – Sandy M

10/18/17 – A wonderful co-work space, comfortable and friendly.  It’s also available for workshops and other events. – Steve L

10/1/17 – [We] so enjoyed hosting our recent financial volunteer’s meeting at CapeSpace.  We had everything we could possibly want at our fingertips.  We might easily become used to such a comfortable and practical space.  And most importantly, it set just the right tone for our meeting.  We wanted our volunteers to feel appreciated and taken care of!  They did.   – Karen D and Elisa W from WeCan

9/17 – [We have been a member] since May of 2017. We use the address only currently, but are planning on adding a Sales rep to concentrate on building business on the Cape and the Islands.  People like to work with local folks. Even though our headquarters isn’t on the Cape, they like to see that we have a local address. – Melissa B

8/4/17 – Great experience hosting the @capecodchamber Board Meeting at Cape Space! Clean and trendy space. – Julie Q

8/2/17 – I’m on the Cape often and having Cape Space as my office when I’m there means my productivity doesn’t suffer. I’m more focused. More Productive. More professional when I use it. I know, based on the data available, that working from home is not a good way to separate work/pleasure. I highly recommend trying it. And, as an added plus, I met a few interesting people as well. Win win. – Christine M

8/1/17 – If you work from home, from the car, or from a coffee shop, do yourself a favor and come check out this beautiful facility. It is a quiet clean place to work, meet clients, and develop new friendships. The staff go out of their way to ensure that your experience is a good one -not just the first day but every day. Wi-Fi, printing services, scanning services, and free Starbucks coffee is worth it alone. – Julia F

8/17 – I have been a member almost since inception.  I love the ability to have a clean, quiet space to gather my thoughts during the course of the day.  I love going into CapeSpace, its like walking into “Cheers”, everyone knows your name! – Melissa F

2/27/17 – Perfect for our needs— an all day training session. Facility and style were perfect! – Susan T

3/7/17 – Great space and great people! A really well designed, tremendously convenient location. – Ed C

4/26/17 – If you ever need a meeting room look no further than CapeSpace! We held a day of seminars at CapeSpace yesterday and Robbin and her team could not have been more accommodating. The room was beautiful and clean and the AV was seamless. I will highly recommend it at every opportunity! -Erin C

5/1/17 – Such a relaxing space. Was there for a one-day seminar and I wish I could work there every day! – Matt P

5/25/17 – Fantastic venue to host professional events. Warm and inviting staff whom are very willing to cater to your needs and make your guests feel welcome. – Michaela H

7/19/17 – Amazing Service, great location. Awesome community, outrageous WiFi!! – Frank C

8/1/17 – CapeSpace has been CRUCIAL to meeting the needs of my business. The flexible hours, high-speed wifi, and the relationships I have made in the CapeSpace community have helped me grow my web based business while keeping costs down. Plus Robbin is great, and so is the coffee! -Dylan S

8/1/17 – It’s very simple. At CapeSpace I feel more professional than when working out of my home or the occasional coffee shop. At CapeSpace I’m in a world-class facility, with tools, amenities and professional camaraderie. When I feel more professional, I achieve more.  CapeSpace has open spaces or private offices; meeting rooms with state-of-the art remote conferencing; copiers and scanners which are perfectly maintained; Starbucks and Peet’s coffee! And the best Internet on the entire Cape. Not just somewhat better–at least four times faster than the standard local provider’s “fast” service.   But it’s more than just premier facilities. Robbin and the team are caring, professional and highly capable. Added up, it makes a huge difference when your environment supports your work every way. – Steve G

7/17 – [I have been a member for] 5 months  —  I love meeting the other members and being a member allows me the flexibility to be more efficient in my practice.  I love the positive feedback I am getting from clients who have already visited with me at CapeSpace. – Bill B

The owner and staff are SUPER professional and kind and the environment is extremely tasteful. Great value and an asset to the Cape community. – Randi P

6/17 – Very friendly staff, nice set up. I’ve been to 3 seminars here lately, the facility is tops. – Steve L

3/17 – I needed some work done on my car nearby. This was in walking distance, so I decided to try it out. There are plenty of seating options – soft chairs with swivel desks, regular and standing height tables. This place is spotless, and the electronic barista will make you whatever coffee you want. Super fast Internet, 80 Mbps in both directions. -Robert P

I went to Cape Space who hosted the Hyannis Chamber of Commerce. What an excellent flexible workspace for any professional or business.  I was impressed by the clean, open look and the private rooms to meet your clients. And the location and parking adds to the convenience of it all. This is a friendly place where you can absolutely get your business done! – Dorothy T

6/17 – So clean and fresh looking. Lots of sized rooms for different types of events or meetings. Very comfortable and modern. – Jessica D

4/17 – I am delighted to be a member of CapeSpace. It has far exceeded my expectations. CapeSpace is a beautiful space in which to work and to meet and connect with others. In addition, it provides all the amenities in terms of internet, mail services, a training room, conference rooms, copy services, kitchen with great coffee and tea, and more. Also, CapeSpace provides many excellent educational events. I highly recommend CapeSpace to any business in need of outstanding space at a very affordable rate. – Pam S

CapeSpace is a first-class option with many options and amenities. It’s a godsend for the remote worker, someone who needs a break from working from home or someone on vacation who needs the use of a private office, meeting space or just a shared workspace. The Internet connection is the best on the Cape, there’s full IT support, virtual mailboxes, a media room, boardroom, Starbucks coffee and much more. The staff is friendly and very professional, and the owner Robbin Orbison’s extensive experience really shows in how she’s created a best-in-class experience. Be sure to ask Robbin about how they can work with your particular needs. – Steve G

6/17 – Been a member for only a few months – but every time I’m in the office the experience is great. The people have been terrific – always helpful and friendly. It’s such a great environment to be productive and have a focused day.  – Andrea C

5/17 – CapeSpace is a hidden gem in Hyannis (and Cape Cod!). It is the perfect space to have a private office, meeting, or focused work space. The community there is growing and everyone is kind and accommodating. Everything is organized, clean, and bright. It is like a hotel for working (kitchen area, coffee machine, cleaning services, knowledgeable tech staff for questions, computer monitors in the lounge – first come first serve, and did I mention free coffee?). I highly recommend CapeSpace. – Merdith F

5/17 – We joined CapeSpace to give our Virtual Team a Professional Commercial Address when people searched my firm online. I did not want the General Public coming to my home office, nor did I want my home to show up in the Public Google Maps. I also meet potential clients in one of their meeting spaces which is a huge benefit over meeting in a nearby coffee shop. The staff and meeting rooms are amazingly dynamic and accommodating. It is clean, light, bright, modern, and gives us a real professional edge. Very happy to have CapeSpace on Cape Cod. Thank you!  – Dale S

4/17 – I have been a member of Cape Space since September of 2016.  Well first of all, Robbin, Anna, Jeffrey & Katelyn! They are great to work with and go out of their way to help find anything you might need. I usually work from home and that can be very isolating and also not convenient to meet with clients.  Having the chance to come in and work in the business lounge and feed off of the energy of being in an office setting is great. I also love having the opportunity to using the interview rooms to meet with a client or vendor. – Amy D

2/17 – I have been a member of Cape Space since August of 2016.  What I like most about CapeSpace is the team of Robbin, Anna, Jeffrey & Katelyn! – Gwen D

1/17 – I love the beautiful offices!  The staff is so wonderful to work with and the coffee is a real perk! – Hildur K

12/16 – “Our company started looking for office space on the Cape back in the fall of 2015 and nothing quite fit the model of what we were looking for. Cape Space came on the radar in early August and our company quickly signed on with 3 offices. Robbin and her crew have been nothing but helpful with my transition into my new office. I have a lot of clients that come to my office for meetings and all have been very impressed with the offices. They have been very responsive to the little details and requests since the move, which has truly been a blessing for someone that manages so many different relationships. Right down to the greeting that my clients experience when they arrive, I couldn’t be happier.”    ~ Steve W

11/16 – “I have been a member [of CapeSpace] since July 2016. I like the space itself and really appreciate all of the support from Robbin, Anna, Katelyn, and Jeffrey. I like being in good company with other motivated people working hard in a variety of industries and professions. I like meeting and interacting with the people at CapeSpace on a daily basis the most.”    ~ Beth D

10/16 – “I have been a member of Cape Space since July 2016. I love the team here. They are all so friendly. Robbin and all of her knowledge and expertise. She really cares about the members. Anna and her smiling face when I walk in the door. We both love cats and love exchanging stories about our fur-kids. Katelyn is usually the one to wish me a nice night on my way out the door. Jeffrey is very helpful and is always there to help me work through a technical issue.”    ~ Julia F

12/16 – “Wow! … CapeSpace really nailed it with its offering of the ever-popular, modern-day COworking/Business Center Hybrid serviced workspace, and its wide variety of work-way solutions — offering both a professional corporate environment plus support services, as well as many friendly business-casual twists! Of the hundreds of locations worldwide that I have visited in North America and Europe that are part of our award-winning association, CapeSpace is at the very top of the totem pole with its client support events and activities that underscore its brand of COworking community-building — in the same class as other global COworking giants such as Serendipity Labs in New York, Grind Coworking in Chicago, Virtual OffiCenters in Minneapolis, The Hot Office outside London and Ecos in Munich. From my few visits to CapeSpace, I can clearly see where Cape Codders needing a quality, cost-effective home for their businesses with a competent support staff to lift them up on their shoulders and flourish, will find a nice array of options and plans there — just what the doctor ordered for today’s entrepreneurs who value networking, nurturing and empowerment so that they can grow their businesses at their own pace, while sharing lots of positive energy, spirit and leads to succeed alongside other committed, serious businesspeople in a vibrant and upbeat, contemporary workspace community. No wonder it’s been filling up so quickly!”    ~ Ray L

12/16 – “I have been very happy with my experience at CapeSpace and have found everyone there to be extremely helpful and willing to work with you to meet your needs. I normally work from my home office but it can be exceptionally isolating. This lets me get out in “the real world” and tap into the energy of other people working and being productive. It also allows me to focus and not get distracted by everything around the house that needs to get done. I highly recommend CapeSpace all the time to people I know, and now even to those I don’t!”    ~ Amy D

12/16 – “A truly awesome new facility, that is conveniently located, with plenty of parking. Contemporary setting, leading edge technology throughout; a great space with many options for remote workers, overcrowded local offices or temporary visitors to the area. CapeSpace covers the office gamut, from individual space or offices, to small and medium-sized meeting rooms, a teleconference facility, state-of-the-art training room, and plenty of open space, where you are guaranteed to bump into other professionals from the area. Great place to hold functions too! Extremely flexible and cost-effective plans for hourly, daily, monthly and yearly options. Won’t hurt to pay a visit – and they are really friendly too!”    ~ Bill K

12/16 – “CapeSpace is a positive impact for Cape Cod. The physical space itself has been designed to perfection, providing an individual the opportunity to rent space customized for their needs. The lecture/training rooms, the private and semi-private offices, the open networking areas, are all tied together by the modern and inviting decor.

11/16 – I appreciate the flexibility CapeSpace provides especially for small groups wishing to hold a function. I recently attended one such function, and it went smoothly from the staff greeting you, the video hookup, the catering, to the comfortable networking area. CapeSpace was perfect for our group’s needs. The function was a great success. I strongly recommend CapeSpace.”    ~ Margaret K

11/16 – “This is an amazing space! And much needed on Cape Cod! Robbin has done a great service bringing this space and type of business to the Cape. Having grown up on Cape Cod, I have been and currently work with many Business Owners and Professionals who really appreciate this space and take advantage of the flexibility and options it provides! Kudos Robbin for your vision! We all thank you!”    ~ Karen G

11/16 – “I love working at CapeSpace. I have a home office for my Computer Repair and Website Development business. The best thing about CapeSpace is being able to drop in at any time and use the super fast internet, and to hold meetings with website clients. So much more professional than meeting in my home office. Thanks Robbin for what you are doing for our local business community.”    ~ Chris D

10/16 – “Thrilled to have this facility here on Cape Cod, centrally located and state-of-the-art. The space is beautiful, conducive to quiet work and collaboration, and features high-tech amenities. Also has best Internet on Cape Cod via OpenCape. Finally, they are committed to the community and have demonstrated that over and over in the short time they have been open.”    ~ Bert J

10/16 – “This is an amazing place! I am so thrilled to have this facility here on Cape Cod. I am a website designer, and usually work from home. This space is beautiful, conducive to quiet work and collaboration, and features high-tech amenities. Also has best Internet on Cape Cod via OpenCape. When I leave for the day it feels I got things done! Robin and her team have done an amazing job!”    ~ Moira F

10/16 – “CapeSpace works! I initially rented a private office as my home office was being renovated. It was a great, professional setup. Now that I am back based at home, being a member allows me to drop in as needed and use their fast internet, printing and scanning. Very professional, convenient and they have a great staff – ready to help you!”    ~ June B

10/16 – “CapeSpace is an incredible modern office space facility for working professionals, travelling professionals, entrepreneurs, home-based businesses, or businesses looking for an off-site location to hold training or strategic meetings.

10/16 – Ready-to-go, fully-furnished Office space, Corporate Offices and Executive Suites, and walk-in, plug-in Business Centers for all budgets.”    ~ Dan C

9/16 – “Love CapeSpace! Have been to several great events there as well as a great place to work. So warm, welcoming and professional. Robbin has done a wonderful job putting this much needed space together.”    ~ Nancy B

9/16 – “Cape Space provides an upscale professional work environment for a reasonable fee. With a very supportive staff, Cape Space will work with you to provide for your specific needs. Well Done!”    ~ David B

9/16 – “Great spot for office connectivity if you are vacationing on the Cape and need to get some work done for a few hours. Very friendly and accommodating staff. I’ll be back!”    ~ James L

8/16 – “Single best place to get some work done. Fantastic environment. All staff are friendly and helpful.”    ~ Jack W